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Secrets & Lies

18 track album


Released: 14.12.20

1. Eviscerated

2. It's Him Or Me

3. You Had To Live This To See

4. Oona

5. Matura

6. We Could Have Been Great

7. Someone New To Hold My Hand

8. Ergo

9. Younger, Slimmer, Prettier

10. The People Who Killed Paris

11. -


12. To Be Honest

13. It Happens To The Best Of Us

14. Closure

15. Everything

16. In That Place

17. A Similar Way Of Feeling

18. Fighting Talk

19. Runaround

20. -

£4 on CD inc delivery. £3 download

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Malone - MAWFI cover small.jpg

Might As Well Face It

2015's 12 track debut album, plus 4 additional remixed and mastered songs from

previous EPs.

£3 on CD inc delivery. £2 download

retro ep1 front small.jpg

Retro EP2

2017's 7 track bsides EP.

mam ep front tiny.jpg

Make A Move EP

2012's 7 track EP.

retro ep1 front small.jpg

Retro EP1

2011's 7 track debut bsides EP.

IMG_2194 tiny.jpg

Bsides & Covers

Loads of rare and previously unreleased stuff.

Season Turn The Corner.jpg


Malone's old band. With 4 releases, there's loads to love here. On CD and download.

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